Why Failures Matter

trading stories Oct 15, 2017


As J.M. Barrie said, “We are all failures - at least the best of us are.” That should be a quote you have in mind when you are afraid to fail.

After all, I've seen over the years how much I could learn from failing in trading and/or in life. The lessons you get from a mistake are invaluable.

Throughout the interviews on the Desire To Trade Podcast, I spoke with traders who blew up as many as 9 accounts, made the same mistakes for years, and had no clue what they were doing at first.

Although these traders made the mistake of not looking back & evaluate their performance at the beginning, they still went on to become successful full-time traders.

Have you ever thought of failures as an aspect of moving forward?

What was a mistake you've done and what have you learned?

Let's start the discussion below!

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