The Journey Towards Trading Mastery

trading trading journey Oct 23, 2017

In our previous articles, we've recounted how success in trading must come from objectively understanding several market truths and being willing to face obstacles and failures head-on.  

One of the biggest takeaways is that becoming a successful trader isn’t a destination but rather a process. 

It’s a process of moving from unconscious incompetence to ultimately unconscious competence.

In your pursuit towards trading mastery let the following 9 steps guide your actions and intentions.  

These steps are adapted from the book - Handbook of Coaching - A Developmental Approach.


1. Know yourself.  


"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."  - Sir Edmund Hillary

Leaders and thinkers through the ages have imparted this sound maxim that we must always start at home with self-knowledge before we seek to know and understand the external the world. 

"For most retail traders, trading is a solitary effort and...

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The Trading Journey

trading trading journey Oct 10, 2017


In this lesson, we’re going to be talking about the trading journey, the realities of the markets, and what realistic success milestones look like for most traders.

The following fundamental market realities and truths are ones that all traders need to accept so that they can appropriately set the proper expectations and goals.

If your goals don't match up to reality you are doomed to disappointment and failure.

  • You are competing against the best of the best from day 1
  • Trading is a skill and not learned via rote memorization
  • The market rewards randomness
  • Most of us are not wired to accept the realities of the market
  • For most traders, progress is an evolution, not a revolution
  • Trading is something you do, being a trader is someone you become.
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