Weekly Perspectives: Understanding the psychology of your trading system 👓 🤦‍♂️

trading May 07, 2017

Continuing this month's theme of "Trading Systems", in this week’s lesson we discuss why your trading system doesn't exist in a vacuum and examine the “psychology of trading systems”, and how this relates to, but is quite different from the standard ‘trading psychology’.


Spend some time now and simply reflect on your experiences so far with trading, and note specific instances when you’ve felt a great deal of discomfort. 

Briefly note what happened, what led to it and what particular feeling you experienced at the time.

Once you’ve exhausted say 10 or more instances, see if you can identify the possible reason why your subconscious would be creating resistance to success for you in these situations, based on what we discussed in the lesson.

These are areas in your trading and trading system that are not at the level they need to be for you to act with full trust and certainty.  What steps can you take to shore up these areas?

I invite you to take this simple assignment seriously and make this an on-going practice.

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