Staying Focused On One Thing - The Importance Of Goal Setting w / Antoine Savoie

podcast trading Dec 31, 2018


In this episode, I welcome on Antoine Savoie.

Antoine is a local trader and entrepreneur here in Montreal and he delivered a presentation at November’s Montreal Trader Meetup where he spoke about how he uses Sentimental analysis to create an edge in his Forex trading.

In this episode, we explore that topic further and hear more about Antoine’s trading experiences.

In this show, we discuss a plethora of topics and ideas including -

  • Why Antoine only looks at price
  • The entrepreneurial mindset vs the traders' mindset
  • The benefit of having a secondary income
  • How Antoine incorporates sentimental analysis into his trading
  • Trading goals - the goal setting process
  • How Antoine manages losing and stress
  • Antoine shares a meditative technique
  • Risk management goals
  • Why you need to be willing to lose money to make money

The purpose of the Trading Perspectives Podcast is to feature and share the trading stories and perspectives of the Montreal Trading community.

Resources Mentioned - Antoine's website

Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude - A trading classic dealing with trading psychology and performance by Mark Douglas.

What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars - An uncharacteristic trading book that talks to the true nature of trading success.

Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible - Recommendation by Antoine on the goal setting process

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