Montreal Traders Book Exchange Launch

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2019
As I mentioned in our previous newsletter one of our initiatives in 2019 was to launch a community book exchange club.
So I'm pleased to announce that this month we will launch our first Book Exchange!
The purpose of the Book Exchange is to leverage the power of the Montreal Traders Meetup community and give all members an opportunity each month to donate previously read books and in return bring home an unread book.
What is a book exchange? 
  • Bring books (max. 5) you have already read and enjoyed and swap them for books you have not read  (See the book criteria below).
  • For example, if you donate 3 books, you can choose up to take home 3 “new” books. 
  • There is no time limit for how long you can keep a book but please be considerate to other members and try to return the book in 1-2 months.
  • Please note that all books are considered donated and as such there are no assurances they will be returned to the owner.  
  • All remaining books can either be brought home by the owner or donated to the community "library" for subsequent exchanges. 
Book Criteria

Please make choices carefully before bringing in books. Books will only be accepted under the following guidelines:
  • Books must be trading or business related.  Please, no offensive, marketing, or promotional materials.
  • Books must be in gently used condition: cover on, no rips, tears, or bent edges
  • Books with major damage such as torn or missing pages, writing or scribbling, water or food damage will not be accepted for trade.
  • Last and most importantly bring books that you have enjoyed!

Look forward to seeing you and all your books at this Wednesday's Meetup!

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